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Sunday, December 19, 2010

December oh!

Omg, It's already december.
Might be changing to another site.
It's dead here.
Need some new changes. =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I got some feeling of starting this blog again. haha!
Should i or i shouldn't~ ??
Dilemmaaa.. ~.~"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Everytime when im on business that doesn't involve u, we seems to chat differently after that.
It might be im the one thinking too much..
But this is the truth..
No matter im doing my work or assignments, its the same.
Im seriously very headache about this..
Whenever im out with u all day long, then the way we chat will be different.. as in VERY GOOD.

What am i suppose to do??
Quit all my jobs and works... Is it the only way?
Im getting tired of all this.
The pressure is here. do i even get support.
Who knows what im feeling. ='(

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quiickk Revieww~~

Just felt like updating blog now. =)
Spontaneous k? LoL~

The BEST birthday celebration.
With SUPERBBBB young ladyy..
Sibeh nice geh girl girl. xD

Taraaaa~~ xDD
She treat me this meal.
Superb sweet. =)
Hugss! =D

Ini la saya. =)
Can't wait for her to post about this. xD
TSkk TSkk.. LoL~

Next day brunch at Tai Tong. =)
Ngam Ngam they were having MCA election.
So kinda a lot politician there. Zz.. Sien look at their face. LoL

My Family!! =D
Mom brought us to Queen's Park Steamboat.
Nice Nice. hehe!
Long Time tarak keluar makan bersama sama dy. =D

Farewell for my Logistics Lecturer who decided to continue his career with the Japanese company.
Higher Pay and he's gonna get married.
For his future family he decided to leave. ='(
Kinda sad cause he is the best lecturer we had this far.
But for his good, his freaking bright future, we pray for his good! =D

Sushi Bonanza~!
Whatever u spell it. LoL!
Yummy Yummy day with her~ x)

Kah Hoong birthday "surprise" pot luck party! =D
See the baaaboonn happy face! hahaha!
Hope he enjoy it la.
I think he enjoy the time before we come more lor. LoL. xD

One More Thing~











Don't she looks adorable?

Manyak electric saya feel duh! LoL!

Argh~ Current too strong. hahahahah!! xD

!!uoy evol i

Glad to have this little darboy. tskk tskk! xDD

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LG experience. =)

Had my first session of Life Guard Duty at TAR College olympic size swimming pool. LoL.

First day of work and i am late.
Because mom handed the car over to me late.
Darn scary at first.
But the supervisor are good enough not to ask for reasons. =)
Or else i think i gonna use back those oldies. "Jam", "ada accident". LoL

I didn't know anything at first.
I just sat down there.
Looking at people swimming.
I din know what's their life guard routine.

Then i got to know that..
Nothing much needed to be done there.
Just have a seat.
On the lights and be aware. That's all.
Not bad at all right? hahaha. =)

So the first day of working.
Most challenging stuff was to find a lost key for the student in the pool. LoL.
Nope. Not me who went into the pool.
I asked them to go down and get it themselve. LoL.
Rainy day. Weather cold and i don't feel like entering water. haha!
Too bad they have to dive in and they can't really swim.

Kind hearted so i wanted to jump into the pool to help.
Baru finish taking out my shirt and there they go.
They got it.
Save my energy to swim. LoL.

Went back early also.
Since not many people swimming.
I think it is because of the Semester Break.
Everyone is back to their hometown.
I wish they dont come back and swim.
Therefore, i can sms with my dear and relaxx sitting down there and collect money. haha! =D
But sometimes, we must face challenge, if not too bored la this job. =X

Ending this post with tatah~ xDD

24-26 april 2010

I made up my mind.
I wont be posting last time old stories. LoL.

Will post what recently happened instead. =)
Bare with me la. too many to post. LoL..

So.. I just finish my semester 3.
Which means im done with my year 1 college life!
DAMMIT! Last year worried cannot pass 1st year. Now worry lagi more for 2nd year. =X


Exam just ended!
Just dunno why they had to drag exam time so long till i cant enjoy a month long holidays like my friend did. zz..

After Exam was Baboon's Birthday Belated Surprise party!!
Not bad after all. =)
Food was Great.
With BIG BIG BIG watermelon some more. xDD
Overnight at PuiYing's house.


NExt morning!!
Ti-Ratana charity work. Fuhh..
Tirng like what? =.=" Imagine not getting enough sleep and you carrying darn super heavy stuff under the hot sun. pheww.. But luckily its over. =)

At Sunday Night!
Went Kelly Clarkson's concert which held at Bukit Jalil.
I was in the sleeping mood. Seriously.
But after she sang until so darn high. Mood started to change and sang along~ =D
She deserve the power-lunged singer. Salute Giler Babii~ =X

Arranged an interview with Info-Survey Sdn. Bhd.
Went with PuiYing saya. =D
The job not that bad la. Just that the enviroment.
Not safe i should say.

So me and PuiYing decided not to work there. =)
PuiYing is trying hard to get a job.
Anyone that can help? Please~~ =)

Inform me or her straight alright? =)
Thanks a lot yo~
Feel so Great for updating my blog now.
Although current post without photo.
Bare with it first k?
Soon there will be photo up again. =D

Friday, February 26, 2010

Chee Hoe Birthday~

Not Gonna write much about this post.
You can have a detail bout this post at Chee Hoe Blog. haha!
I only tell u roughly what happen. LoL!

Morning we went to Audrey house to bake the cheese cake for Chee Hoe.
Guess what..
Everyone late except me and meng tsu. lololol. See how nice are we. lolol..
Audrey, MaeYee, Mey Ling, Meng Tsu, Me, olivia baked the cake together. =)

Went to Sg.Wang to get salary for Pc Fair with the whole gang and meet up YiTheng there.
Bought Cuppocino or whatever it is sponge cake.
This is to prank CheeHoe. =D

Btw, Mae Yee went MidValley to keep CheeHoe from returning home early. =)
We bought one bottle of the cream just to have it on CheeHoe face. xD

CheeHoe thought we would celebrate with him at Midvalley because maeyee sent the wrong message to him that almost ruin the whole plan. haha!
The funny part is, CheeHoe called his dad, told him that he is not having lunch with his dad because he is having lunch with friends that i assume is us. xD
But we were all in his house preparing for the prank. =D

MaeYee said CheeHoe was quite disappointed only seeing her without us. xD
That's a Good sign because he will treasure us more kan? lmao!

When we are ready back at his house...
We have another great idea that we won't surprise him straight away when he reach home.
So we hide inside MeyLing room when he is back. =))

Make him more disappointed when he don't see us also in his house. xD
That really made his day i guess.. hahaha!

In the room we prepared this......

Sponge Cake with cream!!
Whee~~ xD

He bathed when he reached home.
We came out from the room to surprised him when he is only with his towel. haha!
That picture are multi million dollar picture duh..
Go facebook search for it then. ahahaha!!
The Vid of smashing the cake to his face are also one of the best moment. xD

Wait for his to clean up after the sponge cake smashing session.
We are off to "Fun OK" cafe to have dinner together with him. =))

With the mushroom c2pid face. xD

When everyone chit chat and having their dinner. =)

That's me and her. x)

Here is the present part.. LoL
We Got him a box of Renoma Undy since he wants Renoma so badly. LoL!
And also.. We got him this Glow in the Dark condom.
It cost us quite a lot duhh..
I wonder why is it so darn exp.. hmmm..

This is what happen to the condom.
He Blew it. Zz..
I thought it suppose to wear it. Hmph!!
But one bad thing..
This is only for fun.
It don't prevent birth control.
Assume he use the condom that night,
He cannot use this condom also..
Cause the sperm can penetrate. lmao!

Everyone went back soon after that cause it's late and everyone is tired. LoL!
Hope he has a blast birthday lar! Haha!
MaeYee planned this for him.. Sure la he enjoy manyak manyakk. xD


Just for Fun~
While waiting for Audrey & CheeHoe.
Heading to PuiYing house to celebrate uncle's birthday,
and also watch Manchester United Vs Arsenal.
Which ManUtd Won with style. xDD

Random photo.
Sniper with 29 bullets in one time. LoL.
Normally only 10. haha!

Stay tune for next update.
I also dunno when.. Haha!!
Those who are reading..
Leave Footsteps in CBox plsss... xD

Leave me a comment or anything.. ^.^"

Hi hi, i am Nicholas here!!